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Preferences in Fpro 7.7v2?


New Member
How can I set preferences for local features- for instance contour cut, outlines, step and repeat - so that they will be consistent every time I
open a file or reopen the program? Fpro 5.x had a save all preferences that
served that function. Thanks Gene


New Member
I have 7.7v2 and it seems to have a mind of it's own!

I think it save it as a "PList" document in your preferences in the program directory automatically. ??? Just an educated guess.. That’s where I would start to look.


New Member
my 7.6v2 and my 7.5v5 both have a preferences choice under the edit tab,

but don't refer to those items you speak of.

Whenever I restart the programs, the items are defaulted back to their

original states . . . I always just assumed that was normal.


New Member
I have 7.7v2 and it seems to have a mind of it's own!

I have not heard of 7.7- I thought they went from 7.6 to 8.0?

Thanks for the replies- I just struggled with doing a bleed on some gradient
flames that wasted at least 2 hours- I have been forcing myself to use 7.6-
I went back and did the same job in 5.7 in about 10 min. I am not sure that
I will ever get completely away from 5.7- the newer version has some definite
advantages but some really irritating shortcomings as well. Gene