price of ink going up 30%?


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These guys I buy from must be out of their minds. Get a heads up today that my price on the 440ml inks for our Mimaki are going up 30% in 5 days. So now it costs me more to print and I still have to deal with the give away guys lol


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Negotiate better pricing from another vendor. We pay way under list price for our inks now.


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From day 1, I never paid full price for my Mimaki 440ml OEM inks now it even seems I'm getting them cheaper but I'm also buying them by the case.


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i dont pay full retaiul either. it seems they made a mistake and it is only going up 12% - I can swallow that a little better.


ND Graphics I'm guessing?

Got the same thing down the pipe other day. What is your final cost per cart now?

I haven't ordered since before the price increase - as soon as I found out I bought a pile of ink.


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i was buying mine at $115 per 440 ml. can i ask what your general price of ink per sq. ft was generally speaking? i don't want to hijack, but maybe the increase isn't that horrible if you can get the formula on your sq foot costs? i know that it really does vary from job to job because of the nature of the saturation in getting those colors at their best "bloom" as i have heard them say. but i'm just curious, as i'm trying to figure out how to gauge on my end how much i'm spending per sq foot per job to better handle my own expenses.