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Price On 54" Versa Camm


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You got me looking at it. I also went and looked at SignWarehouse, they still have it at $14,999 and 19,999. But they have their PrismJet 38" with a 24" cutter and FlexiPro for under $10,000. Prices keep dropping!
They are getting cheaper and cheaper. The manufacturers have a problem on their hands. The market is flooded, and retail pricing is dropping. With the return on investment going away - it is difficult to convince others to buy.

Couple this with the pressure of imports, and all hell is breaking loose!

At the same time, we don't feel bad. Their markup is enormous!

Drip Dry

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I paid 19,000 18 months ago. It also came with a bunch of material that I don't think is included here. But sure wasn't 5k worth. Glad I didn't wait though, has made me a bunch since. Don't wait.. you won't be sorry, it's a great printer.


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I got mine just 3 months ago...OUCH!!!! Talk about how to ruin my weekend...you guys are scaring the crap out of me!!


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The more I think about this...the more my underwear...well, you know. 5 FREAKIN grand in ONE whack!!! HOLY $%*&!!!! Thanks ROLAND.


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Its been looming for months & as lowballin newbs come in its gonna get worse If I could get a good price on my cutter I would bow out graciously & happiliy

doug phillips

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I'm betting it's a typo (site revamp) -- look at the monthly lease rate -- it don't add up right. With that said, I sure wish/hope it was really that cheap, I'm buying in the next few weeks!


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I clicked on vendors for my area and the links on my vendors sites show the same price..of course its a link to the roland page but hey ,,its there in black and white!!


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I would sooner believe this is a typo [which sometimes is done purposely to attract attention]. All manufacturers have all kinds of fine printing allowing them to make written errors and get away with false advertising. ‘Roland’ themselves did this when the 540 first came out. They advertised it for $17,999 and forgot to change it in upcoming magazines. After the first of the year they went up a thousand, but didn’t honor the written or published [wrong]prices and said it was a typographical error, when in fact, they just didn’t plan properly. The unit took off and they knew the people would pay the extra money.

Yeah, right... :Oops: my butt !!!


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doug phillips said:
I'm betting it's a typo (site revamp) -- look at the monthly lease rate -- it don't add up right. With that said, I sure wish/hope it was really that cheap, I'm buying in the next few weeks!

You are very right in the monthly lease rate not adding up.. that lease rate is right about what the best rate would be for a business that has been in business say 10 years..

We bought ours about 7 weeks ago for 18,000 and we got the rate for businesses over 3 years but under 5 years old and it was 460.00 a month..

THe lease rates they post are always the ones for the best of the best.. ..we were told when we got ours the lease rates could fall anywhere between 700 to 430.. depending on lenght in business and rateing..

so im betting it is a typo.. lol.. we did send the link to our sales rep.. lol.. will let ya know what he says about it.. after we talk..

AllSquare Jason

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Roland updated its website late Friday.

That 54" pricing is wrong, just a typo (but I am trying to buy 6 at that price as we speak! :Big Laugh )

It should be corrected soon.


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Just got off the phone with my Rep., he is making some phone calls and will update me as soon as he knows something. Will post if I find out anything.


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I paid full boat for mine just over 1 yr ago. My lease is $492.21 for 48 months with a 10% buyout, which I think is pretty fair.


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Hows about paying 40k (cnd) for an SC-500 back in 2002. 8 months later the price droped to 25k. The printer, along with Flexi Pro set me back 60k (including interest). I got til march next year and then i am free of a 1000$ monthly payment.

Woot woot!


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:Coffee: what you think is much better ??

1. versa camm sp-540v
2. soljet pro IIsc-545 ex

in tems of printing a massive volume of print out??

planning to buy this weekend .. tnx