Print and cut problem with flexi

I have had my gerber edge 2 and envishion cutter for 2 yrs now.
it did come with the omega software but i could not get my head around it. So have continued to use my versacamm for all my print and cut jobs.
my big problem is i want to keep using my flexisign software when using the gerber. It prints to the edge 2 without any problems. but i really want to start using the envishion cutter but i line the cutter up using the bomber sight tool. but still it will not cut the 1mm contour cut around the 1" box
is there any adjustments i can make .

Any help would be great as a last resort i could use a roland gx-24 to cut
with but i would like to se the gerber cutter do some work . !

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are you using Gerber punched vinyl? I only ask as sometimes the non Gerber punched versions can have to much play. Tight borders on the Edge have been a no no for me since about day one. Hit and miss with lining them up perfectly.

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If you post off site pics again, I will delete the thread.

Your initial problem is not getting your head around the Omega software which, coupled with the Envision 375 plotter, might do a better job than than whatever unnamed combination you are using. With the particular job pictured, the error is consistent enough that you could move the cutpath in relation to the print about .005" to .01" to correct it and then resend it.

Maintaining color to color or print to cut registration with any system that images using multiple passes is going to be a problem and the Edge system was designed for Omega software and Gerber sprocket fed plotters.


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Cannot Cut and Print with EDGE2 Accurately

Good Afternoon,

We are having an issue with our EDGE2 with respect to edging and cutting.

In the past we were able to edge up to 11.75” ( which is normal ) and cut to the limit of 13.25”..( we are using the
Gerber Envision to cut the final print..)

So for example, in the past when edging an 18” x 12” parking sign we could edge the graphics and
cut 18.25” x 12.25” ( a bit oversized ) and lay this on a piece of 18” x 12” 40 gauge aluminum panel.
No problem.

Well, as it stands now whenever we edge & cut any graphic the cut parameter reduces to the Edge’s limit of
11.75”. You can see how this could be quite aggravating!!

Has anyone experience this issue? If so, shedding any light on to this problem would be greatly appreciated.

I’m wondering if a re-install of the program would help..or perhaps there is a setting that needs to be changed..?



Are you sure you have all the weed boxes turned off?

Also you can not edge print 12" as stated.

You should start your own thread.