Print Head SP540V replacement


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Hello everyone,

I need to get a new or refurb my print head there’s a company on eBay in America that have said they can get it to near enough brand new for about £90 with the delivery back.
I have a few questions. When I remove the head do I need to do anything so the lines don’t clog up as I’m guessing it’s going to take 10-14 days from start to finish when it’s back.

2. Would it be better just to buy a new print head?
3. Should I replace other things also at the same time?

I’ll upload a photo of the test print.


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In my experience head recovery services work maybe 50% of the time. If it's worth the money to you, there is a chance it works but the older the head, the less likely it is to recover. Older heads are much more likely to have physically damaged nozzles or malfunctioning internal mechanisms.

I always recommend changing the dampers with a new head. If the cap tops are older than a year I would change those as well. Also, your lines won't clog in 2 weeks. I would wrap the dampers of the missing head in Saran wrap to avoid ink drops and leave the machine on it's auto cleanings to keep the other head from drying out.


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Perfect thanks guys, hopefully it works. I’ve decided I’m just going to get both heads done as the magenta is starting to show a few deflected nozzles too.

I’m very tempted to get a new Roland as in the uk they’re offering a part x deal on SP540V.