print question (i think i know the answer)


my gerber edge ahs a line that runs through all my prints
down the middle of the 15" width about .008"-.010" thick
not much but enough to ruin your decals

print head bad right?
can i fix it or is it a tech job?


yes i did the cleaning and yeah i figured it was a pixel out but that means replace the print head correct

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
I had the same thing going on and assumed it was my printhead. A few day later, I was running a test print to get a measurement of the position of the dropout so I could work around it and it had cleared up. That was several months ago and (knock wood) it has been fine ever since.

In my case, we had coincidentally just terminated the employee that had been running our Edge. When I examined the Edge, the first thing I noticed was that the shocks that hold up the lid were completely shot and the former employee had never told me. My guess is that he had allowed it to slam shut a few times with an intermittent connection ending up as the result. I replaced the shocks, remade every connector connection ... and all has been fine since then.

So, although, your symptoms sound like a bad printhead, my suggestion to you would be to unplug the machine, remove the covers and remake every connection you find while also giving it a good visual inspection. You may get lucky like I did.


took it apart cleaned checked all connections
still have line oh well
the machine doesn't owe mw anything
we have had it about 7 years and it has paid for itself many times over
and continues to make money
i guess i will be calling the service dept tomorrow
thanks again for the tips