Print then Pray Roland Camm-1 Optical Registration


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It seems as though I bought a machine that was misrepresented. The Roland Camm-1 Pro Family has 4 point Optical Registration. Using the Cut Studio software that comes with it you can cut up to 36" fully automatic at once. If you set the crop marks manually (Used Onyx Cut Server) you can go to 63" long. Other than that it is just a vinyl cutter. I used it for T-shirts and smaller decals, worked perfect.. Now I'm getting into larger graphics and the Camm-1 just stares at me! A buddy of mine told me when OPUS came around with the Summa he had the same problem. They have since upgraded their software / firmware to allow the machine to read up to 124 reg marks. He is cutting panels 12' long on the dime. Has anyone else experienced this with the Roland? Any feedback is appreciated... I don't understand why they would restrict the machine to 63".. If a resolution can not be found, I hope to help others with this information looking for a print cut workflow.