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Printable reflective

Lea Marc

New Member
Hi guys, does anyone recommend a printable reflective with a very good white point? We use 3M IJ680CR and also looking at Oracal 5650RA but they're on the slightly greyer side as the base for printing, are there any others out there that are 'whiter'? Client is asking but we need to print on it.

Thanks, Steve


Active Member
Depending on your machine... You could use 3m 3430, 4080, 3930... Etc. They're more.of a white... But they do have Greyish lines. They're also not comfortable / air release, if you're wrapping something.


New Member
Arlon's DPF 2400, is the whitest i've seen of all the non-prismatic reflectives. They also have air-egress & wrappable versions, and the material doesn't appear to bruise unless completely creased.