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I created a website for work. I wanted it to be clean, work great with search engines, load fast. We print for a lot of printers so the end customer typically doesn't know who we are. This is why we don't have a huge portfolio and would love to sell ourselves on samples that we can send out to people. It was designed using PHP, loads of CSS, and no flash.

Any ideas?


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Overall I like it, very clean and simple. The only thing I don't like are the images. I understand you can't display alot of work, we're in the same boat, but I'd still try to find better images than what you have, none of them really scream (or even whisper) what you do. I think with better images it'll be a simple but effective site.

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agree on the images...a small thing, where it says need samples? you should put your phone number there instead of us having to find it with the contact button...and have the contact pop up a div instead of a new window - some popup blockers will probably block that

Jon Aston

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It looks very nice, and +1 re Photos

I would love to see testimonials in the big empty space on your green sidebar.

If you want to be found via search, you should consider:
  • Adding a blog, and regularly posting keyword rich content that is relevant, interesting and share-worthy to your target audience
  • Making it easy for people to share with and/or bookmark your content
  • Alt tags for all of the images
  • Using a different meta description for each page, using keyword rich calls to action. When you think about it, the meta description displayed in search results is your first impression. Make it count.
  • If your primary market is local, consider working that into your SEO strategy
If you want people to read your copy, you should "chunk it" more effectively:
  • Headers and subheaders (using keyword rich header tags)... People skim these first, and they should tell your story, in short, on their own.
  • Shorter sentences
  • Bullet points
If you want to convert more visitors into leads and prospects, you should consider:
  • Using Google Analytics to understand how visitors are using your website - to identify "leaks" in your conversion "funnel"
  • Using Google's Website Optimizer to conduct A/B tests. I'm willing to bet a graphic button with a compelling call to action will capture more leads, than a link that says "Quote"... but you should test.
  • Use those boxes at the bottom to build your mailing list and generate leads. Offer something for free (samples, a free report, something) in exchange for an email address. Give users an opt in to subscribe. Email best of blog content and offers using AWeber, or MailChimp.
Hope that helps!