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I'm in the market for a new printer. I want to spend around $20,000. This is what I've come up with so far. My normal supplier has offered to sell me a brand new Mimaki CJV30-130 54 Inch Printer for $16,500. I've heard in other posts that Mimaki Service Techs are not that great. The service from my supplier (authorized Mimaki Dealer) is next to none. Currently I have an older Roland SC540. There are only 2 techs here in my city and they both "SUCK!" However, I love the Roland Printers. In order to get me a comparitive Roland Printer, I will have to spend around $20K for the VersaCamm VP540. I'm not excited about another 6-8 years with the Roland Service in this town. I'm not familiar with Mimaki, so I'm very nervous. I've been told that Mimaki is a very solid brand by "impartial" people. Does anyone out there have any thoughts or suggestions?


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A lot of threads on here already about the various types of printers you can buy. I would also take a good look at the Mutoh printers as well. BTW - might be helpful to list your criteria for choosing a printer; type of work you will use it for, size restrictions, etc. Service will be VERY important if buying new, so definitely make certain you will be happy with the folks who will be there when you need help.

I really don't know much about the Mimakis, but I have heard results are better using their solvent ink sets vs. their eco-solvent inks. I'm sure others will chime in.


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We have two mimakis and love them. Nothing but excellent results from both Mimaki's technical support and the local dealer's service techs. It all depends on who you buy from, so do alot of research on the dealer before making a decision. I know Advantage Sign Supply has a good reputation and I've heard great things about their technicians so you may want to check them out.


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there are more Techs in your area than two. i posted contact info on your other post to conact me to discuss. I am the Roland Mfg Rep for texas, If you let me I think I can help, see your other post for contact info


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what are you doing for cutting do you have a plotter already
we went with roland because of the print cut capability
we have 2 techs in our area and the few times we have had to use them
no problems at all
we have a 2 sp300 and vp540

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almost every printer out there will make money for you if you really take care of them.

Some folks just know they wont do the necessary maintenance, so they get a Cadillac service plan.

The reason I like the Epson GS machine is that you get excellent print quality with low maintenance (so far)
I also have my eye on the new HP Latex printer. User replaceable print heads and no VOC's I like.

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Roland all the way! We use the new XC-540 and I must say that it is probably the best printer I have ever had the pleasure to use! Works great and easy to use with the new Versaworks RIP. My money is on the Roland.