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Not sure if this needs to be in the flexi forum. Anyway, we are trying to print a large black and white picture. I will admit I know practically nothing about ICC profiles, or really any of the main options in PM (Production Manager) As stated before, only been working with the machine for about 5 months and have not been sent to any classes yet.

We use a default (because neither boss nor myself no anything about profiles) profile provide buy our local techs. Before (and I have recently been using) Oracal 651G Dual CMYK SS2. With the default "tech profile" the image prints really dark and by the time I lighten it in flexi it comes out streaky and grainy and where there are highlights they are bright white.

When I use the oracal profile it's a much better print quality but it has a magenta tone to it so it looks "pinkish".

Any ideas?

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try some different profiles from different companies, even the competing companies to the vinyl you are using. more specifically, try Avery - their profiles are pretty good if you don't know how to build your own, but they will need tweaking.

Basically what i am saying is that the key to being successful with your printer is to be able to hit print and not worry about colors. That means shelling out 3 grand might be a good idea in the long run so that your colors are what they should be rather than wasting material and time. What is your time worth? I bet you have a spent enough time messing around to get colors right to make a nice dent on the i1Xtreme price....


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Without building media-specific profiles, there are a few quick "fixes" you may try to get you by. First, try printing the image with color correction turned off. You should find this option in the Advanced tab of Flexi's PM. If it prints too dark, you can knock the color down a bit by moving back the "All" slider in PM's Color tab.

Or you can print with the Oracal profile you are currently using. To get rid of the pink hue, try moving the magenta slider to -.10 or so in the Color tab. If you move it too much, you will get a green hue. With a little trial and error, you may be able to dial in a setting that will print a neutral enough gray.

Of course, in a perfect world you would have all the equipment and know-how to build you own profiles. But I hope in the meantime that these tips can help.

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If you are still having an issue..and dont mind paying for one on one support, give me a call and I will be happy to help you out. The reason I say it this way, is because there are to many variables than what can be directly stated here.

It will do nothing but confuse you.