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We do a large amount of Silk Screening. Our normal process is to print the negatives on to vellum paper with a laser printer. Our Silk Screener has been complaining recently that the printed negatives are not opaque enough. So here's a few questions.

1. Can anyone recommend a Printer that will print Dark Opaque Blacks.

2. Can I use my Mimaki JV3 160 SP to print on a clear sheet and obtain an opaque black? I've tried this before with rather crappy results, but maybe someone else tried a different profile or rip software (I use Onyx).

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Don't know about using the Minaki JV3 to make a dark enough print on clear film; We tried that at one company and it did not work for us.You didn't mention if you are printing dot patterns or solid colors. If the design is large enough you could use your cutter and cut out the lettering, etc. using black vinyl on a clear backing. Just weed and it's ready to burn your screen.
Another posssible solution if you have an gerber edge is to print the design two passes in black on clear film.
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I agree with Rick. In my opinion, most of the CMYK digital printers are only going to print and "tint" the media, which is fine when printing on white, but not so good when looking to make a screen negative.

The gerber edge makes really nice negatives! Done this a handful of times, worked like a charm.


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I routinely print black on clear with the JV3 for the purpose of burning screens both for ourselves and for a client. I print 720x720 16 pass with a custom CMYK black mix of 25/25/25/100 and crank the inks up an additional +.20 in the RIP.


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I personally use an oyo imagesetter, but alot of people recommend epsons with proper media. Since you are using a laser have you tried a toner darkening spray (cheap first option).

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I would cut rubylith on my plotter before vinyl mounted to clear film for screenprinting because of shrinkage/stretching causing registration problems. One color job no problem. You can actually reverse cut black vinyl and stick directly to screen coated with emulsion then exposed for this purpose. For complex designs my epson 9500 on film from sihl works fine.


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1)Tell your printer to retime their exposure unit, they probably need a new bulb.

2)Ask the distributor were you get your vellum from to sell you a can of "toner enhancer" This will make the toner "spread out" after you spray it filling in the shallow areas.

3)You can most definitely print positives on wide format, you just need to create a profile for it. Even versaworks has a positive profile that allows you to rip halftones.