Printing Directly to .030 Polystyrene?


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We have printed some on our Turbojet, seems to work ok .. but the inks in the turbo are pretty aggressive.

Id say the biggest issue with printing on poly would be the ink drying time.

We mainly run our poly on the PressVu UV machine.


I have tried it and it works although as stated earlier, keep your hands ready for an immediate stop of the printer if the material somehow gets free from the side bars holding it down. I cant imagine the damage to the head if it struck the side of 030 styrene......not much give.


I have printed on the Sihl DuraSOL film. It's a semi-rigid PVC with a couple different weights available. It has a really nice satin finsh and the print look great. A little pricey though for some types of work.

There are other semi-rigid PVC films that are cheaper and would be a better alternative to direct printing of styrene.


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what printer do you want to use

Hello what printer do you want to use to print the styrene.
what inks do you use.
you have to turn off the heat on the pre area and printing area, then you have to use the front take up to have tension to avoid any bulk on the printing area so avoid head strikes then heat the dryer high to begin drying the ink.
you will have to make a special profile for the styrene.
I hope this helps