Printing grey


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I can't seem to get my printer to gray without it looking green. I've tried adjusting the color, but still comes out greenish. I have an hp8000 and am printing on 3651 oracal and is on it's profile. Please help


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When we had a Seiko 64S (same as HP 8000/9000) I was never able to hit gray without a hint of green. I was using PhotoPRINT DX RIP and doing designs in Adobe. It wasn't much fun but I tried to stay away from gray. I know that isn't what you want to hear but that was my experience.



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It's gradient too. It was a poster it gray gradient and they mention they like purple and so I tried to change the layout with purple gradient and guess what, it looks more gray with a hint of purple in it.


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profile, profile, profile.

Grey is a mix of CMYK...
Too much C and you get a green cast
Too much M and you get a red cast.

these need to be balanced properly in the profile for the best chance at grey.

Overlam will add a bit of green cast as well.
Better to be a bit red in most cases.