Printing Magnetic on UV Flatbed


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Has anyone had any problems printing 20 mil and 30 mil magnetic on their flatbed printer. Can we use the DigiMag from Magnum even though its spec'd for solvent printing? Any brands work better than another?

Any feedback is appreciated.


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For my Gerber Ion I used DigiMag and it works great. Regular magnetic flakes off when you trim the bleed part. You may want to let it sit for 24 hours before trimming just to be safe.


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I used to run it on a Vutek 200/600 (any brand). I had to flood it with a clear coat first to get good adhesion. The lamps had to be pretty low to keep the heat from buckling the material and causing head strikes.


I have a galvanize sheet of steel handy for mags. by placing the material on the steel sheet it lays flat so no problems with high lamp setting.


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We use Durabond on our JF-1631. Standard lamps, no issues. When we print full bleeds, we cut magnets to size first and over print.


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We print digital magnet (every brand has worked great) on our Gerber Ion. Magnets are ready to go right off the machine. No flaking of ink even when bleed printing and cutting the magnet to size and rounding corners. You cannot scratch the ink with your fingernails.