Printing on Imit. Leaf?

Before I jump into printing an outline and shadow on some 4mil imitation gold leaf vinyl (FDC), I want to be sure this can be done successfully on the Edge? And if so, what should I select as the vinyl type for the Edge info? Thanks!

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
I would be dubious. I've never seen the FDC version but if, it is like the Coburn imitation gold leaf, it has depressions that make up the pattern. The Edge lays down its resin in a thickness that is measured in microns and most likely will not fill in the depressions.'

If you have it in stock, test print it. If you don't, get a sample sent to you to test print.
Yup! This has those same depressions/texture you mention. I'm so impulsive that "test print" never arcs in my synapses. I'll try that and let ya know - just for future reference. Thanks
Interesting discovery...

Well, I ran the test print on the "gold leaf" vinyl, and as you predicted Fred, it didn't get fully printed into the slight texture. However, it DID produce an interesting effect that would be the right touch in a given situation. The Edge printing on the gold leaf vinyl produces an effect that appears worn, maybe thinning from years of slight abrasions. In short, it looked like very very old gold window jobs I've seen - very antique appearance. Might be just the thing for next movie set job. haha