Printing on transluscent vinyl?


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We have several Lexan signs in the works. I know the colors can looked washed out when they finally are installed and the light is shining through them. Is there any advice on how dark to go to make it look clean and not washed out?


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VersWorks, used Desity Control and that made it much darker. And thanks for the posts.


Sacrificing daytime viewing quality to get better backlit viewing isn't much of a solution.

Applying the clear vinyl behind the translucent allows correct daytime viewing and boosts the density/saturation when backlit. The best of both worlds essentially.


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Are you using a White or Clear Lexan? Are you printing first surface or second surface?


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I did this one 2 years ago. White lexan 3/8 inch, clear print material Mactac 9800. We did the side section on right just black lettering in case he wanted to change something. I can get a night pic if ya want.


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