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Printing onto banner material

I am printing my first banner on my roland versacamm.
I'm using a roland blockout banner material.
My question is: What does the temp. of the printer and dryer have to be set on?
When i print onto 3m cast 2mil vinyl its set on 104 print and 108 dryer.
Should I just leave it there?

Thank you,


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Stacy - you don't mention which model VersaCAMM you have but on my SP-300 with ColoRIP, I simply let the profile choose the temps; have had great results so far.


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In most cases, unless you’re trying to fool around with settings, most of the profiles will be automatically pre-set for you and everything is pretty much a go. Just pick the right profile, the correct head height and let-r-rip and roll. Grab a beer and watch the thing print. Take pictures and invite some friends by while you do this. It’s fun for the whole family to watch, also. 300, 540… basically any printer’s profiles will do this for you.

Seriously, you will be mesmerized while it takes place. Take a few minutes and watch your new toy amazingly make money for you. Remember, that’s your latest and newest employee. It won’t go on vacation, get sick, ask for a raise, show up late, take breaks, give stupid answers and questions and won’t talk back either. Neglect it and not take care of it and you’ll see the tech support team from time to time and it will need many fixes.



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Gino - I couldn't have said it better myself . . .

Oh' wait. I didn't . . .

That was great garb though, and oh' so true . . .

Have Fun Stacy - Good Luck !