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Printing problem Roland 54


New Member
Hope someone can steer me to root of this problem: Printing becomes "skewed" after running for a foot or so. Printing becomes blurry, also.

Is this a printing head problem? Or a media feed problem, or what? Any help greatly appreciated. Machine one year old.

mark in tx

New Member
Is the substrate skewing off line, or is the printing itself?

If printing, then you need to do an alignment, it's in the menu system.

If the substrate is skewing, then you need to check all of your rollers to start with.

Also, when is the last time you had a technician out to service the machine?


New Member
Is this the problem you are having?


I just read this yesterday:




New Member
Thanks both of you.
I worked throught menu selections and performed some routine calibrations. Also inspected and cleaned the pinch rollers and re-aligned the roll. Checked for feed problems and everything is working fine now.

Sorry, I guess I panicked.
Thanks again.