printing skip, miss


printing silver on black vinyl and there is line border/box
and the edge is making a clicking sound once it gets to that point and it skips and there is a break in the line
not sure if you can tell from the pics
but any one who can help resolve the problem
i will be your best friend


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cartridge seems to be ok
and i can't see anything to make it jump
and it is only on the line borders not on the text
thanks for your input


all lines are single not overlaps
i even tried changin it from a stroke to to fills one solid with a clear in side
still clicking/skipping
the machine is 8 years old and we use it alot maybe it is just on it's way out

Mike Paul

New Member
I had a very similar issue with a customer supplied file once. Strange lines appeared in the print but everything looked fine when viewing it in wire frame on screen. Try rasterizing it to see if the problem goes away.

If this is happening on other files try a new cable.


Sounds like your X Axis motor might need to be replaced. If you do a multi color job and find that the registration goes off substantially between the different colors then that is likely the cause. Call Gerber if you have continuing problems.


holey crap
not sure why but my foil just ran out an i had to chenge the cartridge
(that was the only thing left i hadn't changed)
and now it is printing fine
i tried running the foil and the material through with out printing and it was fine so i didn't even think to change the foil but apparently that was it
thanks for all the input folks

Bill Modzel

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Your foil was literally snapping off the vinyl after printing the lines parallel to the print head. As far as the new foil fixing the problem, maybe the foil tension at the end of the roll had something to do with it.
If you had rotated your image 15° or so, it would have fixed the problem also.