Printing to Metallic 3M™ Series 50 Scotchcal?

Andy D

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Hey all,
I'm looking to produce short term labels, but they need to be eco solvent printed on something shiny,
Metallic, chrome, etc.

I used to print to 3M Series 50 white all the time without problem, but I'm not sure how the metallic silver 58 series 50 would work.
Has anyone printed to that, or have a better option?


never hurts to try.... if you have a sample of the material, you could always laminate a swatch onto some junk roll and print onto it to see the results without having to load a roll or waste a large chunk of exotic vinyl just to test.

some materials just don't want to accept certain inks, or can't handle certain printing conditions like latex heat, BUT in a pinch I have always been able to print onto clear and laminate that onto my intended base vinyl. The clearer the better, like luster/gloss, as matte tends to diffuse/cloud the effects of the base vinyl.


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I’m printing on RTape Vinyl EFX chrome, gold, and brushed metal vinyls with no problems on a Mutoh.
It works fine for us. We have had a couple of clients in the past that wanted silver backgrounds and black text.
Colour management will be a bit off as it's not white, but if you're just doing labels with vector artwork you should be fine.