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Prismatic dimensional letters using Enroute 3.0


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Does anyone here understand how to properly use the pyramid option in enroute 3.0? I need to make a 16" tall prismatic letter but I am having a real doozie of an issue. In Enroute when you pick a pyramid toolpath it automatically determines the depth of the cut. Im using 1" PVC and the software wants to make the cut depth 1.97" and the plate is only .97" thick. I cant let it run this deep or it will hit the deck of the machine and tear stuff up! I have tried some "trick" toolplathing but I got nothing. I have enclosed a screen shot of this delima, any help is greatly appreciated.



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can you set your tool hight to a negative or positive number?
I don't know enroute but it seems that changing the z value could do what you want..


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You need a larger tool try a 120 deg bit and see what the depth shows then. the angle of the tool sets the total depth needed to create the to the top prism letter. If you do not want have the letter come to a point at the top use a outline engrave tool and set the depth of cut to plate depth. Hope this helps. PM me if you need anything!