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Problem with a plug-in for Photo Shop


New Member
Hello, are there any users of Blade Pro or Super Blade Pro by Flaming Pear out there? It's a effects program for PhotoShop.

My question is about the .q9q files. These are pre-sets and I can't view them for some reason.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Ian Stewart-Koster

Older Greyer Brushie
I demo-ed it some years ago and liked the effects, but honestly had no use for them. Really nice effects though. Sorry I can't help you with the question though.

Perhaps uninstall & reinstall the program.

To use the effects, you have to have a file open, and something on the page, and go under the menu Filters>Super Blade Pro>whatever...


New Member
Thank you, Ian. Got with the manufacturer and they guided me through a few things. Was making a fundamental mistake, assuming something.

Got it going now.