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Problem with Corel


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I'm using Corel Draw 11. I was setting up a book for a client and was on page 72 of 96. I was saving the file after every page that was finished. I had to step out for a bit and closed the file and shut down the computer. When I returned to finish the book I was unable to open the file.

I could see the file in the preview section before clicking open but when I tried to open the file Corel would freeze up on me and say it was unable to open. I saved it to disk and tried on 2 different computers at work but the same thing happened.

Anyone know why that would happen? That's about 5 hours of work lost...and I don't want that to happen again.



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evader -

Yeah, that can be a bummer! Had that happen a few times as well, but sure why. If you have not changed the defaults from your original CDR 11 install, then there should be an auto-backup of that file; look for "backup_of_'filename'.cdr". This has saved my bacon on more than one occasion! :) I have mine set to save the backup to the folder where the original is saved to. Tools > Options > Workspace >Save CDR will generally open the backup when it cannot the original; save it under a different name when you do get it open. Hope this works! :)


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its in the VBX stuff, i havent used it in a long time so I cant remember exactly where .. You dont have to open the file,, just convert.