Problem with cut master/illustrator


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I just set up my cutter last night. I had an issue cutting from illustrator using Cut Master. It seems that when it is cutting it doesnt cut the complete image. I think I may have the settings wrong or the vinyl size wrong somewhere in the page setup. It will act as if the roll is smaller than it is and stop the cut about 5 inches from the edge. I hope you guys understand my explaination. Thanks in advance


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it has been awhile since i have used a similar setup, but i remember something like that happening to me. All it was for me was the setting in the plotter of the GPGL or HPGL...switched it to the other and worked fine

funny thing is, the software i use now shows it to be sent as GPGL, but it only works if the plotter settings are at clue as to why, and as long as it works :peace!:

Bill Modzel

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I would check your settings on the Graphtec menus instead. At least on the Mac, the page setup is totally irrelevant as to what plots.