Problem with my SP300V


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After doing alot of searching on the forum I cannot seem to find a post with this problem I am having.

About a month ago, my printer started doing this spray pattern after every black area it printed. It is just the black color and it happens sporadically. One day I was printing and it would make this spray for like 2-3 inches then stop for a couple inches. It would then start doing it again. It then stopped for two whole days and then started up again. It has been doing this off an on for the past month. It isnt noticeable from around two feet away but I see and I do not want to sell anything it does it to.

I have tried manual cleaning and the cleanings from the control panel and just today I did both of those and right after, I printed something and it was about the worst I have seen it do.

If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions that might help me I would greatly appreciate it.



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There should be a clear strip that the print head follows if it's any similar to my printer.
We print soo much that that strip gets dirty. If it appears black you need to clean it with swab and water only.
That strip tells the head where it's at and if it's dirty the printer gets confused.


If this is a ghost like or faint pattern after a black printed object. I would look
at static electric buildup- it is getting dry inside here (Mn) this time of year
and I need to get out the humidifiers.

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do a search for ink overspray..there are a few threads about thing mentioned is banner thread sticking to heads...


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Thank you for all the suggestions...I think it is a static problem and I am not really sure how to deal with it. I had the humidifier here going but that didnt seem to help so I am not really sure on how to get it to stop.

I read something about making a ground to some other metal and then a piece touching the vinyl but it was pretty vague. If anyone has something like that and would explain it a little better I would appreciate it.


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Three things:
Clean your encoder with a very mild cleaning solution (no solvent)
Clean the bottom of your printhead with solvent and make sure your caps are clean.
Make sure that your carriage height is set for the low position unless you are using thick or unruly banner material. (this can get rid of most over-spray resulting from static or other causes)


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Is it on carpet?

Had a Mimaki on carpet and everytime you touched it you'd get a shock.

Black overspray was ridiculous until we moved it off the carpet.


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I actually got a tech out today and it seems that after all I tried it turned out to be a defective print head he said. I only had that one in there for 5 months so it looks like its all better now. Thanks again for all your guys help