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ProDesign Software Issue

Stroker Ace

New Member
I'm using a program called Pro DeSign, which is somebody's in-house version of Flexi. I have Level 3 if that's important. I've been using it on an XP equipped computer without problems. Over the weekend I installed SP2 and when I try to send a job to the Production Manager I get an error saying Production Manager Time Out. Try Again? How can I fix that? I did try reinstalling the software but that didn't change anything. Thanks.



New Member
Do you have a firewall on your system? Sounds like it may be stopping communications between ports!


New Member
SP2 IS YOUR PROBLEM....1st mistake was loading it.....now i have 2 computers WITH IT, BUT it was included in the new XP CD. this machine....never had it and i will never will.....if it aint broke...DONT MESS WITH IT!!!!!!


New Member
SP2, likely it turned on your XP firewall which has caused more than a few problems. It does this by default..