profiles and window perf


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I have two questions for ya!!

I need to know how I get other manufacturers profiles into versaworks 2.0. I am going to print, (xc-540) laminate and apply the "new" avery MPI1005 ez rs stuff to a fuel tanker.

This is a test to see how it will hold up!!!!! I downloaded the profile but don't know for sure how to get it into versa works.

Question 2: I updated the profiles and don't have one for window perf? Which one should I use or is there one out there I didn't find?

Thanks for your help



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To import the new profiles, you just go to the media explorer, and click on the icon to add from a file. You may need to unzip the profile you downloaded, but it should be in .rml format. Just select that file, and you're set.
We typically use the same profile used for printing the vinyl on the perf. If we used Oracal 3951, we just use that profile for the GMI or Clearview perf. It doesn't match perfectly, but it's darn close. With 50% of the material missing, you'd never be able to tell the difference.