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Suggestions Proof Layouts


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Hello, was wondering if there is a layout or platform companies use for making poofs for there customers or do most companies just make them up ? We use Adobe .. Thank you
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I have an A4 sheet with my logo and details saved as a PDF that i drag into photoshop and put my proofs on it and email it to my clients.
I also update it every year or so.


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We put the word "proof" in big bold letters across the design but reduce the opacity to about 10-15% so the design can still be seen. In addition we also put a proof statement about checking for grammar and numerical information. I can't tell you how many times I have heard "it looked fine to me", but never checked spelling.
I made a multi-layer InDesign document. Bottom layer has the small print, and design elements. Next layer is for the artwork. Next layer says "PROOF" at about 15% opacity, but spread across the entire image. Top layer has measurements. I then export as a secured PDF, that does not allow printing


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A "Proof" as in the final design and call outs to be fabricated/printed/installed for final sign off by the customer?

Or "Proof" as in the drawing to sell the sign?

Either way, we use Illustrator with CadTools


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I use InDesign and just place my artwork into it and export a PDF proof to send over to the customer for approval. Sample attached.
"Locking" a PDF doesn't really do anything. I don't think I've ever encountered one I couldn't easily get into. However, I do use the "save for web" feature a lot to generate proof artwork in JPEG form.


  • sample proof.pdf
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Well, I guess I'm not getting an answer. Depending on the work you are doing, it can be simple as a one page thing similar to jfiskus, or if it's architectural or electrical, it may include location plan, location elevation, elevations (front, rear, sides and/or plan) with basic callouts and color to bid off of and get a pre-approval. Once the price is locked down, adding details required to get permit and final sign off adds to the package, depending on the complexity. At times, for an internally illuminated logo on a storefront, it may be a 4-5 page document, apartment complexes or commercial business projects could be 20-100 pages...

(sorry, took down images, realized there is someone unethical, that would use them without permission)

Again, I made a template file/title block in Illustrator with CadTools. On details that are standard, I can pull them from my swatch menu - still editable and in scale.
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Simple jpg sent out in e-mail with descriptions (fun fact about adobe pdf's, Flexi Sign Pro can still import in all vector artwork regardless of locks. We've had a few proofs stolen and produced elsewhere so we stopped sending out pdf's)