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publish to pdf with signlab 10


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I have signlab 10 and i like to send out proofs by publishing to PDF so the customer can zoom in and see detail. my problem is when i am publishing to PDF it is the wrong color. i will attach a screen shot of what it is supposed to look like (named before) and a PDF after publishing (named after) which is wrong. can anyone tell me why it is publishing like this?


  • before.png
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  • after.pdf
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the png is just a screen shot from signlab. Do you how do i make the PDF look the same as my signlab screen?



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I opened the PDF and it's actually in RGB mode already so something else has to be going on. I think maybe what's happening is the gradients are being rasterized and that is changing the color. When I open it in Illustrator all of the gradients are raster images layered on top of a vector outline. I'm not used to Sign Lab but that is not how Illustrator does things at all. I wonder if it's because they are different programs or if the process of creating a PDF from Sign Lab is somehow different.