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PVC free vinyl


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I am searching for non-PVC removable, self-adhesive films to die-cut for interior applications (i don't have a printer). I know that Avery has a line (Greenline) but the film only comes in glossy white or clear. Ideally, I am looking for a variety of colors in a matte finish. I am interested in corn and potato starch based products as well, but can't seem to find a distributor for these items.

Also Hu2 uses a black PVC free vinyl, any idea who makes it?

Also, does anyone have any information on whether the rolls of vinyl sitting on my desk are off-gassing carcinogens, or is that just a by-product of heating PVC.



hrm.... PVC = polyVINYL chloride..... is there such thing as vinyl free vinyl?


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Don't you guys have anything better to do than troll a sign-making forum making snarky remarks? You know what I mean, a non-PVC graphic film, a non-pvc vinyl substitute.

Si Allen

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Ye gads!

We have a Greenie amongst us now.If PVC scares you ... time to find another line of work ... almost everything in the sign biz contains a measurable amount of carcinogens.

By measurable I mean that we now have instruments that are capable of measuring the concentration of one teaspoon of salt dumped into an Olympic swimming pool. That goes to show that the instruments are smarter that the people using them ... when they start screaming about what is going to kill us.

Red Ball

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Don't you guys have anything better to do than troll a sign-making forum making snarky remarks? You know what I mean, a non-PVC graphic film, a non-pvc vinyl substitute.

Welcome from the Kingdom of Texas!

Sorry, I don't mean to be snarky. What exactly are you trying to produce?
Vinyl is vinyl. Die stamped wall paper?


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Im not sure exactly who mfr's it or carries it....I have a sample of something on my wall that is supposedly PVC free and die-cutable fabric. Similar to low tac vinyl....repositionable...etc.

Wiggum PI

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All the "Green" or "Eco" stuff seems to come in gloss only, but maybe you can use a water based liquid matte overlaminate like clearshield or something to get the finish your after?


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Basically, I'm a designer who had a vinyl cutter lying around, I do a lot of wall, laptop and car decals and I just don't feel good about having all the PVC around me and my 2 year old, plus, it produces a lot of waste. A new study has also linked solvent adhesives to Parkinsons, even if its not likely, better safe than sorry... and when it comes to the eco-stance better biodegradeable than non-recyclable.

I have samples of photo tex and seramark on order, but really don't want to get into printing and all the chemicals associated with it. Specifically, I'm looking for the black graphic film this company uses: https://www.hu2.com/index.php/gogreen

Letterbox Mike

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I'm curious to see what Bob From Earth has to say on this subject...

Don't worry about it. You will not get sick from it. You're more likely to get cancer from the plastic your plotter is made from than the vinyl you cut in it.


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Sorry that I'm not satisfied with archaic technology, nothing should be made to last thousands of years and release toxic gases all the while...
Additionally, the overwhelming negativity and skepticism my post has drawn further supports my personal theory that extended exposure to PVC causes irreparable brain damage, specifically impairing the area of the brain associated with humor, wit and tact.

Thank you to those who actually tried to be useful!


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i seriously need to live a mile high. it seems to do wonders to your sense of common.

you better live in a tent down at the occupy denver dorkfest or your credibility with this eco-diatribe is gonna be pretty hard to maintain.

and that tent BETTER be made out of canvas and not vinyl.


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Do you own a Microwave oven or Cell-phone, any wireless devices, drink tap water, bottled (plastic) water, have carpet in your home, use fluoride toothpaste, hair spray, pump your own gasoline, wear plastic shoes, eat meat or vegetables, drink milk.........?

Pat Whatley

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Nothing should be made to last thousands of years and release toxic gases all the while...

Wow! Who knew that a couple of years ago when Avery vinyl was falling off after six months it wasn't a failure....they were ahead of the green movement curve.

Just messing with you, welcome aboard, hope you find a product you're comfortable with using that will give you the desired results. The green movement is still in it's early stages in this industry so you may not find a lot right now but changes are coming slowly but surely.


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Umm.. you do realize that you're on a computer on the internet, right?

Must be one of them all wood, organic computers...


Hell, do you walk outside? Ever smelled exhaust from a car? Yeah that's carbon minoxide lol


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Alliecat, don't let all the negativity get to ya, it's a fair question you ask and I'd like to know about greener cut film material options as well. Fair warning though, you'll find that 90% of the folks in here don't share your concerns, and won't be hesitant to let you know it. It's simply fact there is lots of waste and fairly non-earth friendly materials used in this business.

Doesn't mean there aren't things we can do to lessen our footprint. That said, i don't think there are many green options out there for cut film applications yet. If there are I'd be first in line to buy em. Don't rule out printers though, you might look into HP latex printing, fairly eco-friendly (though i am sure many will argue it's not) and one of the reasons we bought ours.