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QBooks Invoicing ?'s


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2 part question....

1. I have Quickbooks Pro 2005 and have not found how to list the SUBTOTAL on the invoice screen. When I print the invoice, it will show the subtotal, but in the section of customizing the invoice, the subtotal for "SCREEN" is greyed out. I would like to see my subtotal before its printed.

2. I occasionally have outside help. I can't seem to find in QB where I would show them as an expense and how to get them a 1099 form (misc income). Maybe I'm not approaching this correctly.


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subtotal is just one of the choices I can enter on the top half of my invoice, right under the last product or service, and right before Sales Tax.

The Sales Tax (or, what we call General Excise tax) is set up to multiple the previous dollar amount above that line, by our tax percentage. Therefore, we need to have Sub Total entered up there.

On my "customize" interface, I see all the tabs where I can choose to show "payments" for example on the screen, and/or on the print. I can also toggle on or off for having other things show, like the Total... but for me, "Sub Total" is not even one of the fields I have an option to turn on or off. It's not just greyed out... it's not even there.

It's been many years, but I bought some pre-printed forms, & found, or made a template to match. this could be where my set-up became unique & possibly unklike yours.

For your other question, when I wrote a check to my first contract labor service provider, I set up the "account' for that expense, under the name "subcontractor" ...then at the end of the year, anyone making over $600 gets a 1099. You will need their social security number and their address, so get it right when they do the work.

My bookkeeper does mine, so I don't remember everything about it, but I imagine you would be able to download forms off the net.

I use multiple backups including off-site backup... so hard drive failure AND fire, theft or flood are survivable :wink:


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To answer one of my questions about a subtotal in Quickbooks. The problem was that you can't see what the subtotal amount was of all your items, just final price with tax. This just seems such an odd place to put this, but you have to make it an ITEM and if you want it from the list, you need to select it like adding a product to your invoice. I think they do this so you can do discounts while its still in the tabulation area......

From the Lists menu, choose Item List.
  1. From the Item menu button, choose New.
  2. From the Type drop-down list, choose Subtotal.
  3. Enter an item name, such as Subtotal.
  4. Enter the description that you want QuickBooks to put on your sales forms when you apply the subtotal.
  5. Record the item.


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As for your 1099 vendors....when you set them up it should ask you "will this vendor qualify for a 1099" make sure you select that box. Also very important is in the General Set Up part...you have to specify that $600 is the correct amount to qualify for a 1099.

At the end of the year QB will automatically select these vendors and with a few clicks you can print your own 1099s.

Hope this helps.