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Question for 54" Versacamm Owners


New Member
Do any of you who own the 54" versacamm wish that you upgraded to a 545 EX?

If so, why?
If not, why? (apart from price)


New Member
Not me, I'm fine with what I have so far. I just dont' have a need for any more speed at the moment, and the 6-colors just isn't that much of an issue at all.


Premium Subscriber
Sometimes, you just have to know when to say… enough is enough. We have a 54” and a CJ-500. We know all of the pros and cons. As GraphiXtreme says, we’re Okay, too. If you don’t have anything, I would go for it. On the other hand, if you’ve made too much money at the end of the year and want to put it back into your business… then do it. In fact many suppliers know this happens and actually run end of the year specials for tax reasons [and their own reasons]. As far as better 4 color vs. 6 color, it’s a definite improvement, I can vouch for that. If you’ve got two shifts and the machine is running 80 hours, maybe an upgrade would be in your future and a good decision.