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Question for VersaCamm users


New Member
I am using the SP-540V, with Max Inks, and VersaWorks.

I am taking a poll to see what percentage of jobs you print are in the normal mode, and what percentage is in the high quality mode?

Also do you have a standard that you go by, for example hardhat decals in high quality, outdoor banners in normal quality?

It seems like we are printing alot of jobs in the High Quality mode?


New Member
I have the SP300V and use very little in the high quality mode. Most everything is normal mode. Thats not to say the I don't use the high quality. The difference comes when the customer wants a difference. just my 2 cents


New Member
I print vinyl at 720x720 8 pass mode. I get photo quality results and about 64 sq feet per hour speed. With banner I will print 720x360 and get a little more speed.

Drip Dry

New Member
I use standard mode for most everything
If I'm doing something like one day golf signs, then I run it in High Speed.
Unless you look fo it you can't tell the difference.
I never saw any need to run high quality


New Member
I print most everything at high speed on a 540v from versaworks. Never yet had any complaints. The max inks look alot better at this speed than the reg. ecosol inks did.


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95% of everything that we print is at the standard 720x720. Bump up the head speed if you need a little more sq/ft per hour but watch for banding. Otherwise there is very little difference to the common consumer.