Question i need help with

I keeping getting this here, I am printing ATV graphics and keeping having guys wanting to match the yamaha red, its like a candy/metical red, And i know some people are getting close alot closer then i have, Are they using a gerber printer or can a normal cmyk printer do this? I attached a couple of pics so you can see it. What would some of you do if you were ask to match this some what close? Thank you.


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Do a color chart with a bunch of your reds on it from your printer. Be sure you write down the color formula. Keep modifying until you get the color you are after. Candy reds are hard to match, but with some time you can get close enough for a decal.
See i have tried printing a bunch of different reds and they come you red or brown, nothing even close, So i am clueless now.

Also lugnut i cant do that because it have to be printed on a matt white vinyl that i use for my graphics.


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i've printed on metallic gold and silver several times for some car graphics .. looked pretty cool