Question on Books??


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I know this does not give me all the answers to this field but figured its a good starting point.

Wanted to get a few books.
What would be (the must have books) to have on hand for starters?
-Basic Layouts
-Use of lettering
-Proper Layouts as in people read left to right (info on the left and company logo on right).

Just want to get an understanding of what the general is out there.
I know experiance will show me a lot but gotta start somewhere.

Thanks for the help


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You can get it thru SignCraft magazine, also might want to subscribe to that one as you get a free pricing guide.
Scroll down the page on this link for Mike Stevens' and many other books:
Bill Stewart has one on lettering:
(If you know the "bones" of lettering it helps with layout, i.e. the proper use of spacing/kerning how NOT to use all-caps in a decorative alphabet, etc etc.)


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Thanks for the info.
Signed up with Signcraft couple a weeks ago got the price guide in.
Just took your recomendation on Mike Stevens book and ordered it.