Question Random magenta on all my prints


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It started off with a few minor pink spots and then it got a bit more and now it basically cover 90% of a print which basically means I cannot print anymore until it is resolved.

The technician replaced the head cables and it still continued so he suggests that it is probably the head that needs to be replaced.

Since I replaced another head, mainboard and a few other things in the machine over the last year I am a bit hesitant to bite the bullet... yet again.

Has anyone else expereinced these marks and can you confirm that it is the head or *fingers crossed* it is something else?

edit: Im running a roland vp540

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Please let us know which printer model you are using. This will help to suggest troubleshooting steps. This pattern is usually indicative of ribbon connection problems, but you have replaced the ribbons and it usually shows up in the test print, as well, which I don't see here.


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It has started showing up in the test prints too. The technician tried 2 new ribbon cables to the magenta and I also swapped the heads around but the issue persists.

I've also recently been getting 0007 errors but when I turn the printer off and on it goes away. The technician tried a new ribbon cable from the servoboard to the mainboard but the error still randomly comes up