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Hope this is the right place for this.
I have a ton of vector art that was given to me. I have no problem accessing the files and using them. I just can't see them until I open them in LXI 8 or corel. In each of the groups of files there is a file called "images" with the file extension of either .tdo or .tdb and I have been searching for a program that opens these files but no luck yet.
any help would be appreciated

J Hill Designs

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is there a program that installs itself when the cd is inserted, or a setup type program anywhere on the cd? sounds like it might be a proprietary program used with the cd

Fred Weiss

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TDB is the extension for a Thumbs Plus Database. Thumbs Plus is one of many image thumbnailer applications. You can consider its purchase HERE. There is no guarantee that acquiring it will enable you to open it and know what you have. But if you can't then you can always feed them in and create a new thumbnail viewer version.


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thanks for the help, I have a trial version of thumbs plus it opens about a1/3 of the images and I get an error messsage for the rest.
No there was not a program that came with the disc.
I will just continue to open convert and organize them in my spare time.


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+2 for Adobe Bridge.:rock-n-roll: it even shows Flexi files..small but it still previews them.