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Recommendation for application tape for vinyl lettering


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I'm looking for a recommendation for an application tape. I just need it for basic window vinyl lettering. I do quite a bit of large format but i'm new to vinyl window lettering.


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Your sign supplier will have a "standard" inexpensive application tape. It will do OK for most jobs, especially in-house jobs. If you are making decals for customers to take or for you to take to installations, you may have better results with something like R-Tape's RLA-4075 which has "release liner adhesive", meaning the application tape will stay stuck down to the empty release liner instead of lifting up and curling (and then getting stuck to the other decals while being transported)


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4075 RLA for everything. Have been using Grimco's Briteline + as well, and am very happy with it. See little difference in the 2, and Briteline is a lot cheaper.

Christian @ 2CT Media

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We have recently switched to 3M SCPS-55 and will never go back to anything else. I wish we can find an unprinted version of it since it is not always over 3M products but it has outperformed anything else we have used and is significantly more reliable when shipping than anything we have used.

Its not cheap but its worth it.


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We use the high tack for everything. If you're putting application tape on large prints rather than lettering, a low tack may be preferable.


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we use 2 different tapes depending on the situation
  • Transfer Rite Clear Medium Tack 1310 Ultra Clear
  • RTape High Tack Conform 4075RLA Application Tape


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R Tape High Tack conform, really like it. I will NEVER use Transferite again, cant hardly get that stuff off the roll

d fleming

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Every time I try using something other than transferite I regret it. Just me. I use high tack. I also keep a roll of polytape clear around for various uses.


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Another +1 for 4075RLA. Many years ago I got a house brand from our supplier which was Alumapanel before they got bought out by Grimco. (Man, how I miss those guys) It didn't perform well I believe due to the generally high relative humidity we experience here in the coastal region of South Carolina. Had problems getting it off the roll without tearing into strips.

We tried a few different rolls from different lots and kept getting the same results so we went back to the R-Tape and never looked back.

Mascitti Bro

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I've getting more and more sizes of the Transferite medium tack clear with the "Grid" printed in it. a little more in the cost, but I really like working with it.


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in our shop:
All non-egress type vinyls, Gerber 220 and similar: RTape High Tack Conform 4075RLA Application Tape
All egress type vinyls where the liner is exposed, IJ180c and similar: 3M SCPS-55


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We have and always will use 3m's prespace tape. We have low, medium and hi-tack rolls. I find that it has a little give to it. If you run into issues applying you can actually manipulate the vinyl with the mask on. With other brands its a lot more rigid.....almost like a paper.