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Red Alumalite

Stacey K

I like making signs
The sign I need to create has a red background and just the word "tattoo" in white on it 4'x8'. There is a two week wait for the Red Alumalite from my regular distributor and they don't want to wait that long. Would I be a fool to use 48" red vinyl and then apply the white over it? I don't do a lot of signs this size so I'm not sure what other substrates I could use that are comparable and red. They plan to put the sign on L-brackets on their roof. She said "they will just figure it out"...we just need the sign. I've done smaller signs on L-brackets successfully but not 4x8...will the Alumalite hold up on L-brackets without some type of reinforcement? It's great that they will "just figure it out" but I'm not so sure about their abilities. Suggestions welcome...


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yes, the easiest and quickest is to get a piece of red vinyl and cover the substrate if your supplier is that far out for a red panel.
another option is painting but requires knowledge and abilities in the paint to ensure the paint is smooth and uniform.
NOTE; either of these options will leave the backside of the panel "white" unless the red is applied to both sides.​

A 48x96 is going to need a full frame, and with this being a "roof" mount, would also suggest reinforcements


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have you tried other suppliers? I just ordered a sheet of red max-metal through Grimco and had it in like a day.

EDIT: i just saw "LITE", I assumed ACM


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I have sheeted 4x8s, but at that point just buy a 4x8 print. Or try similar materials from other suppliers as suggested.
I wouldn't even discuss the mounting method with them, I would not want to have any responsibility for it.
When I do installs like that I prefer slotted angle (thru bolted if possible) for a base and then slotted angles behind the sign and angled off the back to that anchoring angle.
I have done shorter ones with hinges on the bottom and angles off the back. But no matter how you do it- it is not an install to cheap out on.