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red drops when i print


New Member
I have a mutoh dripping small drops of red ink on my vinyl, what was happening is that the dust collected under the print head like a little dust bunny collecting the magenta ink and every so often the ink would drip of onto the vinyl. I wiped off the bottom of the head and the red drops dissapeared. I hope your problem was as easy as mine.


New Member
it could be that the ink pump is broken that is what happened to mine, put your printer in the clean mode and check the pad on the cap station if it is saturated with ink its your pump, roland has had a problem with these pumps
just had mine replaced from the same problem the pump breaks on the suction side and cannot pull the excess ink from the capping station // chopper


New Member
Chopper's got it! I'm pretty sure that's your exact problem. We've had similar. New pumps.. will cure it.


New Member
I have this happen when the head picks up a dust bunny or lint from the edge of banner material...a normal cleaning will solve it...if not, look at the other issues posted above.