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Red Hat & Signmaking?

Arlo Kalon 2.0

New Member
do any on the "major" players' programs run on Linux instead of Windows??

I want to dump Mi$ter Gate$ OS and never do biz w/him again... ONLY if it's possible!

TONY TEVERIS: any way at all to run Gerber plotter & Edge on it - even with a workaround setup? (I realize this is probably the all-time crazy question on this forum... well not really - I've seen too many others already haha).


Tony Teveris

New Member
At the moment we can't even keep up with Mr. Gate's OSs. There is another right around the corner (Longhorn) and we have not even looked at it yet.

I don't see Gerber working with Linux in the near future. I would hope that the Mac OS would be far more common then Linux.


New Member
Well its possible to port the software over. However I am not a Linux guru. Nor do I know how to rewrite the kernal. You could get Linux and run virtual windows via Linux. That is the only way I would know off hand. I have used Mandrak and like it a lot. RedHat is no longer free so I do not support RedHat, main reason for Linux was the "Freeware".

Bobby H

Arial Sucks.
Some builds of Linux will allow emulation of Windows programs. But there are some limits. First you'll take a bit of a performance hit. That might not be so bad if you're just running office productivity apps. For graphics apps, you're best off sticking with Mac or Windows based setups. Unless you can get something that is coded native for Linux the graphics app isn't going to be worth running on it.

Dongles from sign programs would probably make it very difficult to run them under emulation in Linux. You would probably have to get under the hood and do some alterations to the code and even hack the dongle to make it work. Adobe Creative Suite 2 applications would likely not work due to the software activation system and how Adobe Bridge governs things like control control across the suite.

I don't like Microsoft all that much either. But until Apple rolls out those Intel based Macs and software vendors start selling "fat binary" versions of their apps that can install on Mac or PC systems of your choice, I'm stuck with running my graphics stuff on a Windows system.