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Remote Mounted Reverse Channel Letters


I sell signage and signage accessories.
Did 4x Monuments for this HOA.

Fab alum. remote mounted letters, acrylic backs, LED illumination. Painted spacers. Raceway installed on rear of monument sign, wires sleeved and fed through.


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    Day_Night Siena Ridge.jpg
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The new font looks far better than their previous for sure. I love halo lit letters and logos. Good work...clean, stylish, and the design fits the project type!

What font did you use?


I sell signage and signage accessories.
Thanks all.

Basque Light, all caps, I biggie-sized the first letters. The "A" is what did it for me when designing.


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Very clean install and that font does sell the design layout.
Do you have any images of the back?


I sell signage and signage accessories.
That's the one, Gino. It just showed up in my font list one day - I remember seeing a "double" when scrolling and couldn't recall what it was called.