Remote Office Printer

I have 1 wireless desktop, 1 wired desktop and 3 wireless notebooks, I want to be able to access the office printer from all pc's. The printer sits right next to the wireless router but not my hub or cable modem. I dont have these pc's networked together

My question is what is the best way to get the desktop printer connected to all pc's?


Network them all.

I just bought an HPC6380, and I highly recommend it for general purpose use. It's networkable, even wireless, and it just works. I like for things to just work.

Also it has 5 ink tanks and a replaceable head. CMYK & Photo Black. It prints FAST. As as fast as my Canon laser without the typical Canon issues.


I guess I misread your post the first time. I thought you were looking for recommendation.

Your post is confusing though. You say you have "I have 1 wireless desktop, 1 wired desktop and 3 wireless notebooks" But then you say they are not networked?

Is your printer a network ready printer? Maybe that's why I recommended one, on the assumption that yours is not.


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Buy yourself a networkable printer and you should be able to plug it in to the back of the router, which will allow you to print from your other computers. I have 2 wired and 2 laptops that can print to our OKI 5200N which is plugged into the back of the Linksys router.

Pat Whatley

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Just network all of them, connect the printer to the office computer, and share it on the network. Should take less than 1/2 an hour to set up the printer and all the computers.