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removing all of the white bitmap box in signlab

Can some one please help me?
I have a picture that I want to put onto a buisiness card.
I have deleted the white box but it is leaving rough white edges around the picture so when I put it onto the red business card it looks awful.
Can anyone help me with this problem?
I have tried using a eye candy edge glow around the picture but signlab is not allowing this.
Any help would greatly be appreciated. I also have corel x3 if anyone can help me there as well.


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I had a very similar issue the other day when inserting a portrait for some business cards. What I did was open it up in PhotoPaint and used the "Feather" tool until I got it the way I wanted it. The image has to be masked for this to work, but that is easy enough. Could be that this is the problem with the eye-candy effect in Signlab too (the image not being masked).
In Corel, pull up your bitmap and go to bitmaps/color mask. A box will open up with several color bars (all will be black). Put a checkmark beside the first box. Then go to the eyedropper tool just below and click on it. Move your cursor (which will look like the eyedropper now) to the white area of your bitmap and click. The first color bar that you put the checkmark by will turn white. Now hit apply. Magically, the white area of your bitmap disappears. Hope this helps.


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these guys sound like they know what they're talking about, but what I do when dealing with a bitmap... I'll go into my bitmap editing software of choice (photoshop, in my case) & I'll set up my (red)background color in there, & the issue with the wierd edges will be far less of an issue in photoshop.

I would set up the red to be oversize a little to print as a "bleed" & then take it into signlab as an image that is already on a red background.
Thank you everyone for all your help.
I have pretty much got it (well the customer has excepted it)
so I 'm good now.
I will try all the diffenent suggestions that you have given me.