Removing Spray Paint from wrap


A customers wrap got tagged by spray paint, can the paint be removed you think without damaging the wrap?


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If it was laminated, probably. Start with lightweight removers - paint thinner, turpentine. Maybe one of the citrus based cleaners. Avoid anything with ketones, acetone, lacquer thinner... those will screw the laminate. You might even get away with buffing it off with automotive clear coat grade buffing compound. Follow that up with a regular wax which will help bring the luster of the laminate back as well.


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We use 99% Isopropyl Alcohol as a first choice for cleaning spray paint, it works on most fast drying paints as long as the print has an over-lam.

Craig Sjoquist

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Hardware stores even sell stuff goof off or something like it.

Not sure what Easy off oven cleaner will do to laminate / but I do know it will remove paint one coat a ta time well.

I use to clean my window splash painting off window with the ..purple soap .. has many names but they sell it as a de-greaser it also loosens paint up.

just some options