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Alex C

New Member
Hi guys what can you tell me about the RF-640A..
A contact is selling his RF640A, he is using third party RIP software, i wanted to use VersaWorks cause Versa is friendly. The printer wont accept Versa?
Any idea why?



New Member
Gotta wonder what an RF640A is? We bought a RF640 three months ago and it uses Dual Versaworks, BTW.


New Member
I'm guessing this is a regional variant of the RF-640? From what I could decipher looking at these two sites:


One uses Max 3 ink, the original uses Max 2. Not sure if there are other differences or not. If that's the case, I would be surprised if you have driver support in Versaworks. It's possible but unlikely. I would try contacting Roland directly - they might be able to help you. I'm thinking you are stuck with a third party rip, unfortunately!