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RGB to CMYK Conversion??

Arlo Kalon 2.0

New Member
First time I've hit this obstacle:
Only reference I have for a logo color is two RGB sets of numbers for a red and blue. I mean two sets of numbers for each color, because in Photoshop there was a warning about first numbers not being "In Gamut For Printing". A second set of numbers were given that were "In Gamut To Print" (??).

Anyway, I'm rushed for time to get these onto magnetics. Was wondering if anyone could translate this for a CMYK match for the EDGE?

Blue/ "Out of Gamut" numbers / R8, G66, B156
"In Gamut" / R47, G75, B145

Red/ "out of Gamut" numbers / R239, G24, B33
"In Gamut" / R205, G48, B54

I hafta print 'em as Process since I don't have Spots "close enough" for either color too. Thanks


Just Me
Don't have an edge but try these cmyk numbers - they should match pretty close to the out of gamut #s you posted:
Blue - 100cyan,85magenta,5 yellow, 0 black
Red - 100magenta,100 yellow (standard RGB red)

Hope this helps!

Spot Color

New Member
Hey I've been there before. I bought a Pantone color bridge guide and life got a whole lot easier right away. I think you can find one on Ebay or from many local suppliers.