Right now...somewhere in Alaska....


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Hey, regardless how stupid/staged the show is...I never miss an episode! Just glad I have Flying Alaska to watch right now.


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And everywhere in America, a goofy guy is standing on a street corner spinning his sign that says, "We Buy Gold"!

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I think Toad Hoffman is one of the few people in Alaska who doesn't have to worry about being carried away by the mosquitos...those things are vicious...I swear enough of them could carry away a cow lol but I think Toad is safe, not from the vicious blood sucking but at least they won't carry him away...

hmmm maybe I just solved the great Alaskan mystery, anyone who's spent anytime there knows about all of the ppl who have 'gone missing'..maybe its the 'squitos...evil, nasty things..if you have never encountered an Alaskan mosquito consider yourself lucky.