Riping and Printing Problem With Flexi


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Ok i upgraded my flexi since it was well over due and now when i go to rip and print it says it's processing,but stay's at 0% and never prints
any ideas on what's going on?



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Did you upgrade to 7.6? I upgraded, had huge problems and quickly switched back to the lower version. I don't think Flexi is admitting anything, but I have talked to several people that have experience problems with the new version. The consensus has been to switch back to 7.5.


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Fixed it,
had to reinstall it and that got t
Thanks anyway i know it was on the tip of your tounge's
7.6v2 has been a safe upgrade so far, I do agree to stay away from 7.6v1.

There are some really nice new features that I haven't had a chance to play with yet in 7.6v2, but it did solve a crashing problem that I had with my 7.5 install.


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I have Flexi Sign Pro 7.6v2 and had a problem Ripping files however it ended up being a Windows XP Pro Service pack 2 problem. I uninstalled Service pack 2 and everything was back to normal.